As declared by former Philippine president, Fidel V. Ramos, through Proclamation No. 130, the third week of February is known as the National Astronomy Week. Along with Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Association or PAGASA, Philippine Astronomical Society, Inc. or PAS has actively promoted the field of Astronomy since 1993. Through their series of free lectures, stargazing camps, and competitions for elementary and high school students, the Filipino youth have gained a better understanding of our planet Earth and the universe.

Now, in its 27th year of celebration, Philippine Astronomical Society, Inc., St. Paul University Manila, San Beda University, and Bedan Society of Young Astronomers, invites you to participate in the various activities and lectures that will surely deepen your knowledge about our universe.

A glimpse of last year's National Astronomy Week



Official Opening of NAW 2020

The official start of the celebration of National Astronomy Week 2020. Join PAS as they welcome all participants and fellow Astronomy enthusiasts. There will be a lecture and a handful of other activities as well.


Journalism Workshop


A free science journalism workshop to be conducted by the Philippine Astronomical Society. This event is open to all our Junior and Senior high school teachers and students from both public and private schools.



Earth and Space Symposium


A free seminar filled with the latest science research and information about our planet and its place in the cosmos to be lectured by distinguished guests from the National Institute of Physics-UP, Department of Physics-MU, and the Philippine Astronomical Society. This symposium is open to all our Junior and Senior high school teachers from both public and private, members of astronomy, physics, and other allied sciences and engineering organizations, and interested individuals. Certificate of attendance shall be issued to those who shall finish the entire symposium.Our hope will be to prepare them for an understanding how Earth and its outer space works.As the old saying goes...fasten your seat belt and "prepare for space flight".