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PAS Projects

Aside from paid meteor shower observations, the Philippine Astronomical Society has conducted free lectures, free stargazings, free out-of-town observations, free astronomy camps on invitations from schools, universities, and organizations through the years.

This is part of the organization's project called PAS Continuing Education Program (PASCEP), a public outreach program in astronomy and astrophysics. This project aims to propel astronomy education among Filipinos.


PAS Events

Starcamping Activities

Check out the collection of photos from Philippine Astronomical Society's overnight stargazing and meteor shower observation events and see what other activities are included during our starcamps. 

Campus Tours

Browse through our campus tours and see the different schools, colleges, and universities the Philippine Astronomical Society has visited to conduct free stargazing activities and astronomy lectures.

National Astronomy Week

See National Astronomy Week (NAW) through the years. NAW is an annual event PAS conducts where astronomy hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals gather for activities celebrating Philippine astronomy.

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Spaceship &

Rocket Models

Our members do more than just memorize constellation names.

Adrian Saldana has a keen interest in astronomy, but this has grown even further when he assembled a 1:24 scale model of the Voyager Interplanetary Space Probe. Since then, he has been assembling paper models of space observatories and interplanetary probes for PAS events and outreach programs.

Currently, his works are displayed at the PAS Office at Semicon Bldg. in Pasig, Rizal.


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