How do I join PAS?

Simply go and follow the steps on our How To Join page.

No tests, no interviews, no initiations. Your membership is based on your interest in astronomy and on your desire to learn.

Is there an age limit?

Oops, nope! PAS members range from elementary students to retirees.  Our monthly meetings and events usually show attendees of all ages coming together for the same love of astronomy.

Do I need to have a telescope to join?

Absolutely not. Many members do not have telescopes. PAS has its own telescopes that you may learn to use or that you can use during the periodic stargazings and out-of-town observations. If, eventually, you may want to own a telescope yourself, then  we can surely help you find the right one for you.

If I want to buy a telescope, where can I buy one?

You can find stores here in the Philippines that sell telescopes and accessories for a very reasonable price. If you have a friend or relative abroad, you may order your telescope through them and have them carry it for you to the Philippines. However, please research on the telescope that best suits your needs and budget. The experts in our society would be very happy to help you in this regard.

How can I best participate in the organizational activities?

It's best for you to volunteer in any one of the PAS committees of your choice. We do need help, and your input is very much welcome.

Can I invite lecturers from PAS to our school for Science Week and similar school activities?

Yes and rightly so. Many PAS members usually give free lectures in Astronomy and Astrophysics in schools especially during the National Astronomy Week.

Can I bring family and friends along during stargazing?

Actually, PAS encourages you to bring guests, friends, and family during these observations, meetings, and all its activities. It's free—a public outreach program of PAS to promote astronomy. These events are usually announced in our website, Twitter, and Facebook page.

What can I do so my parents will allow me to join?

Why not invite your parents to come along? See above question.

Schools usually have
astro-camps or starcamps coordinated with us or with other organizations for a set fee, the amount of which varies depending  on the group contacted by your school. PAS requests for donations only to help in the organizational funding.

Can I be a member even if I don't live in the Philippines?

Absolutely! We have members worldwide—Canada, USA, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, etc. Members also come from far-flung cities here in the Philippines but manage to get in touch through emails and Facebook.

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